Sunday, November 27, 2011

What to wear for family photos

I mainly needed a place to put these pictures of our clothes for our photography friend Stephany to look at, though I’d also love if cousin Kara had any opinions also!

My clothes, grey jersey blazer (with some fun jersey loops to somehow put around my neck, would probably wear with navy tee under), off white jersey cardi, and olive green cardi.  I’d love to wear the off white one with some kind of solid shirt, but not sure that would go with anything of anyone else’s.


Boys and husbands clothes I originally bought for the shoot.  Boys would have white/navy long sleeve tees under their shirts since it will be chilly.  I think Luke would really like to wear his shirt below, and honestly, John doesn’t really have anything else (his tees are really graphic and not my fave).


Two photos below are Paul’s clothes.  He loves the monkey jacket, so maybe in a photo of just him we’ll have to throw it on.  Otherwise I think he could possibly wear the grey shirt below with the mustard and navy stripe (and perhaps Luke and John could wear the shirts above?)  Or Paul could wear the navy and red stripe sweater?

IMG_0081 IMG_0078

John’s shirts, see nothing fabulous.


Luke’s shirts I thought were possibilities, see a few of his tees in the background too.  He also has white and navy tee shirts for wearing under something to layer.


Ruthanne’s clothes, brown and purple 3/4 sleeves.  Below short sleeve navy dress and shirt with possible denim shirt layer for on top.  Oh, she also has a navy cardi that maybe we could layer over the denim shirt?  Oh, and a pair of grey tights!

IMG_0073 IMG_0072

Gosh, we really don’t have many nice clothes.  Well, we do have church clothes, but I guess the problem is we don’t generally try to coordinate so that we look good all together!


Stephany said...

ok so here is my "opinion" you gray top with navy shirt underneath, John black and white tee, Paul gray shirt with mustard and blue stripe, Ruthanne Navy shirt with SOMETHING to make her pop a little ( accessories [mustard or orange!] here!) Your husband, I am leaning more toward one of the orange collared shirts, but he is easy to dress so try everyone else together and then decide what you like best on him. I also think the black and white would be fine too, but like I said, he is easy to dress so figure everyone else out first!

Stephany said...

oooo or Ruthanne could also pull off gray or black and white accessories. Wanted to throw that in there

Stephany said...

oh and if for some reason those jersey knit things are bothering you, CUT THEM off. lol It's not going to make or break the picture and if you won't wear it for a photo shoot, chances are you won't wear it ever. lol ;)

The Wilsons said...

Well, the jersey things are not attached to the grey jacket thing, whatever I do with them I'll just be able to slip them off. Also all the boys stuff is navy not black. So I'll do what you say for me, navy/white stripe for John, grey/mustard/navy shirt for Paul, probably the white and navy shirt for Luke, and I don't know I'm gonna go surf the net for Ruthanne!

The Wilsons said... This might be weird since it would be the only black on anyone.

Any of these, assuming I can find them in a store in town? What is something we could put on a solid shirt for Ruthanne? scarf?

Stephany said...

ok, I kept thinking they were black and white. lol yeah so gray, white, navy and little accents of yellow or orange. YEAH. BETTER! lol I like the navy shirt she has, just maybe with a scarf or a cute white cardigan over it.
BTW what is Crazy8? I have never heard of them. I think the gray laced cardigna from Target would look cute over her shirt! (or even the dress perhaps?)

Stephany said...

nope nevermind the dress. lol that would look really weird with that cardigan. But the shirt might look pretty adorable with the cardigan