Sunday, November 27, 2011

Super Vacation – Day 2 – This is Why we Came!

Harry Potter World here we came!
Hogwarts train.


Singing toads.


We loved everything about Harry Potter World. The three broomsticks was AMAZING, the food was just seriously awesome! Good butter beer (we like frozen), good fish & chips, good ribs, good chicken, interesting meat pastries and shepherd’s pie (the seasoning was a little weird to us muggles). The castle was AMAZING! The wand shop show was fun, the Harry Potter and the forbidden journey ride was excellent, and the little shows in the street were cute too.

I should mention we did other things while we were at Islands of Adventure this day, the Spiderman ride was a favorite, Seuss Landing was enjoyed by all the kids, and Luke did a few roller coasters all by his lonesome.

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Frances said...

I'm most excited about Harry Potter world. Come on kids, grow up quicker so we can go!