Sunday, November 27, 2011

Super Vacation – Day 3 – Universal Studios

We went to regular Universal Studios and were a little underwhelmed.  It was sooo slooow we wondered how they were able to keep it open (luckily they own Islands of Adventure with Harry Potter World).  We did purposefully go at a slow time of year, note to others the week before Thanksgiving is awesome for theme park visiting!

A few highlights included…

Dora and Diego, recent netflix favorites of Paul.IMG_2569

A longtime favorite, George.  I just barely got a picture of them together as we had separated to do different things with the kids.  I think Luke would have been happier if I hadn’t gotten this picture, but Paul likes it and thats all that matters!


A picture in from of the Universal earth.  Who left their stroller there?  Us, oops!


Favorites here were the Simpsons Ride, Men In Black Ride, and ET.

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