Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow 2010

I can’t believe we have had snow in Georgia two years in a row!  And this time, it wound up being lots and lots of snow. 

But it started with just a few flurries.  See them?  Yeah, not really, but the kids were excited to get out and dance and run in them anyways!


And eat a few!


They got cold and came back inside for a while.  But it started coming down a bit more, so back out they went.





They came back in again for a bit, we had dinner and then there was enough snow for some big fun.  Luke did his fatherly duty (which he says was not fun) and made a snowman with the kids. 

The beginnings of a snowman.


Okay, remember snowman, not snow mountain.


Now we’re rolling, literally!


John had enough of the snow business.  Cold and wet!


They came in for a little while and Luke continued working on the snowman.  They went back out when it was almost done, helped put the Mr. Potato Head pieces on for the face, and took this pic.


Paul and I hung out and made hot chocolate for the cold gang.  It was the perfect ending to the snowy day.


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Frances said...

I told my mom I wouldn't believe till I saw it! We only made a snowman once the whole time growing up.