Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Polka Dot Paul

Poor Paul woke up yesterday with red bumps all over his legs (and really bad on his calves). Nothing new or different really in the past week I'd say for him food wise. Took him to the doc and she suggested antihistamine and to look out for ankle swelling (like we'd be able to tell he's so chubby) or ankles turning blue/purple. He is also fairly cranky and had some fluid in his ear, but no infection. Oh, and I guess officially they are called hives. Never have I had hives or any of my children. Baby number three is tons of fun huh? Oh, and he is a whopping 25 lbs (see Mom he doesn't weigh 30!).

In other news, I merged my recipe blog posts onto this blog. I have loads more recipes I want to share too, and even more I want to make! Now to find lots of extra time!


kelsey said...

poor baby! my sister is suffering from inexplicable hives right now, and has been for the last few months. i hope paul's aren't as bad as hers and that the doctor can figure out why he's getting them!

Frances said...

Poor Paul! Daphne got hives too a couple of weeks ago. She was on an antibiotic and the next day her entire body was covered! I guess baby #3 is the real deal.

Jaime said...

I break out in hives when I'm stressed out... and when I'm around cats. Maybe poor Paul was stressed. That stinks- that he's having to deal with so much and he can't tell you what's up. Good luck! Hunter is the one that gets weird stuff in our house.

The Wilsons said...

Yeah, he has so much in life to be stressed about!

They are fading a bit today. We'll just see what happens I guess.