Sunday, February 7, 2010

I need to finally post this!

I got these off the camera the other day. Finally got youtube to upload them, and now they have been sitting in an open blog post!

Here is the mobile 9 month old! He can’t crawl but man can he roll! He has even crawled over to our cracked bathroom door and rolled in! He cleans my hardwood floors pretty good. Ruthanne had her first piano recital last Saturday. She was pretty nervous and worried. I got her to do it (and she even let me be there) by promising a trip to Monkey Joes (bouncy house place), which we did on Wednesday. Here are a couple pics from the recital:

IMG_1344 IMG_1343

Here she is playing “Follow the Prophet” at home. She has actually memorized it since this performance and plays it much better now.

The boys who love to play together.


Poor John, he always gets neglected on the blog it seems (poor middle child). But, here is a funny story:

Ruthanne says, “Paul is the only one in the family with bangs.”

John says, “Paul’s not a vampire!”

Yeah, we know, he has bangs, not fangs!

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Frances said...

That is so funny, cute John!!