Sunday, December 6, 2009

Seriously, a whole month gone?

And no blogging?  I'm in a rut I think.  I thought I had life tackled with three kids, apparently not!  Life has just seemed busy lately and with the holidays I don't really see an end in sight.

We finally put up the tree tonight.  Why didn’t I buy a bigger tree after Christmas last year?  I’ve always liked our little 3 ft tree.  It always seemed like it fit into our home just right.  Well, this year I got it out of the box and set it out and all of a sudden, we need a bigger tree.  I guess since we’ve doubled our square footage we should double our tree at least.  I’m afraid it will have to wait until after Christmas though, I can’t buy a tree knowing I can get one 1/2 price or less after Christmas.  Anyhow, a few pics from tonight:

Paul with the lights.


Ruthanne decorating the tree.


John decorating the tree with a fragilous (his word) ornament.


Naked baby last night.  He has gotten a little crazy with the tongue!


Big boy!


With Grandpa before bed.


Kids making oreo turkeys on Thanksgiving.  They didn’t quite turn out, my icing wasn’t thick enough.  The kids had fun eating them anyways!


Hunter especially loved the baby and always wanted to hold Paul, so sweet!



In preparation for Thanksgiving we made some placemats with corn rubbings.



This last picture is from almost a month ago soon after the new Walmart opened and the kids got free balloons.  Paul loved them!


I can’t believe Paul is already seven months old.  He is so big and is already into everything even though he can’t move much.  I’m definitely not ready for him to learn to crawl, nothing will be safe!  I’ve tried to get him on video saying ba ba ba, but not quite successful.  I don’t know what it means, but it is a sound he makes.  I don’t think the other kids made such a distinct sound this early, maybe he will be my early (or at least on time) talker!  He has a dr appointment Friday so we will see how he is growing.  I will also try to get Ruthanne on video playing a Christmas song soon, she loves the piano!


Frances said...

It's fun to see everyone. Glad you're doing good. And yes, that tree is tiny. Our's is a 6 ft and it looks like a dwarf here. You'll need a monster tree!

CRB said...

You do such fun projects with the kids. They are going to have great holiday memories!