Friday, November 6, 2009


We got a digital piano on Monday and Ruthanne started lessons Tuesday morning.  She has been playing non-stop it seems!  These were taken Wednesday morning, she has these two songs memorized already now!  I’m glad she likes it!

Mary Had a Little Lamb

The Train

Meanwhile Mr. Paul has been sick.  Sick babies are the worst.  John shared his cold with Paul, but John has been good now at helping John be happy.  I took a picture of Paul the other night sleeping, mouth wide open so he could breathe. 


We had a little fun with Paul today while he was happy.  This shows some of Paul’s funny personality.


Rosie and Derek said...

Ruthanne is sounding great!
And poor Paul, I hope he's feeling better soon!!

kathy said...

Tell Ruthanne that I am really impressed! She is going to be one fine piano player if she sticks with it and keeps practicing. I am glad she is liking her piano lessons! And that Paul is toooooo cute!