Friday, September 9, 2011

Some fun photos

So, I got to buy myself a new camera with some birthday $$ (one of those fancy schmancy dslr ones, and yes I had to buy used in order to afford one, I don’t get THAT much for my birthday!). Anyhow, its been fun taking photos instantaneously, I’ve missed so much of my kids’ lives with my other cameras!

Anyhow, I’m not good yet and mostly just use the automatic mode, when I get adventurous I get bad pictures, but I’ll keep trying and learning! But, I did get a chance to use it while visiting Matt & Jaime and company for Talon’s baby blessing. Here are a few of the photos I took.

Baby Talon, its hard work being blessed!

IMG_9603 IMG_9604

Ruthanne loved holding baby Talon! Amazingly, he was happy with her and a little picky and grumpy with me just minutes before.


Goofy Hunter, I think this was my best photo of the day, and then he got all girly on me!

IMG_9638 IMG_9672

Corbin, the biggest brother.


All the grandkids with the last name Wilson (sorry you couldn’t be here Bentleys).


The many faces of Dane and his cupcake.IMG_9663 IMG_9669 IMG_9670

And just a few more random photos:



Oh, yes, I didn’t really edit these at all, thinking Matt or Jaime might want to download some and do their own edits. Oh, and I can get anybody a bigger photo if they want. And, I want to go back and look at the all 7 kids photos, maybe there was a better one?


Nicole said...

Very cute! DSLR cameras are fun!

Frances said...

Learn all you can and then when I splurge to get a new camera you can teach me!

Cynthia said...

the picture of all 7 grandkids made me giggle with Paul in the background. i barely recognized him!