Friday, October 15, 2010

Mice, Mono, and More

Wow, long time no blogging.  I just dumped my camera onto the computer so maybe you will see a bit more of me over the next few days.

First, Mice.  We were infested!  Six mice caught and disposed of in our house.  I guess getting rid of the snake meant we had these little friends to deal with.  But, me and the kids got to hang out in Warner Robins since I didn’t want to hang with the mice (Luke was out of town).


Next Mono.  Ruthanne got sick while we were in Brunswick last weekend.  Strep tests were negative and doctor thinks it might be mono, but I opted not to do the blood test.  So, I’m sitting at home tonight while Luke is out at the Navy Ball alone since our babysitter opted out.  Good news is Ruthanne is feeling a ton better, can’t believe she was sick a few days ago.  Now, just don’t drink/eat after her, kiss her (with a good exchange of saliva), or otherwise get her spit in your mouth!  Its a lot less contagious than the flu I’ve learned.

Lastly, more.  I’ve had a lot of laundry to do after our two trips.  I’m not sure the kids had anything wearable left in their drawers.  This is what it all looked like folded on my bed (a king) before I put it away.


And, I got my hair cut by the “mobile hairdresser.  A lady at church is a hairdresser on the side and you can go to her or she will come to you.  So, I arranged to have her come during Paul’s nap.  Perfect, I can actually see getting my haircut at regular intervals (instead of yearly).  This is what was left on the floor.  I’ll have to get a pic of what she left on my head sometime soon.


There is tons and tons more.   Hope to write a little bit of something every day for the next little while.

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