Sunday, June 20, 2010

Water, water, water!

Man, we’ve been busy!  Where is my relaxing summer?  Between starting back up piano lessons, two weeks of constant swim lessons, gardening, school, etc, we have been BUSY!  Thankfully some of those things were fun things for the kids! 

Its also been HOT so those swimming lessons helped the kids cool off, but only made me want to jump in the pool, clothes and all!  Ruthanne can swim and tread water and float now!  Woohoo!  She loves getting her face wet and playing around.  Yay!  John also made significant progress (last year he wouldn’t even get wet, I think he associated it with potty accidents) and will put his face in the water and can almost tread water.  We are going to keep playing in the water this summer and we’ll see if he can make more progress.  Here is a pic from before swimming lessons:


We also had some fun water time in our own backyard.

IMG_1676 IMG_1673


Then, Friday we went and played at Mistletoe State Park as part of the local Marine Family Day (we get to do fun things with the Marines and Navy because of Luke’s assignment).  There was a bouncy house, playground, bbq, and a little beach.  The kids had a blast at the beach and I got in the water with them.  Luke and Paul mostly enjoyed some shade, but for about the last 5 minutes, Paul came a played in the water too.  I thought he wouldn’t like it because lately he hates his baths, but he LOVED it!

 IMG_1677 IMG_1680

This is just one of those fluke funny pictures.  I’m pretty sure he was not upset but just making a funny face because of the water splashing.


Hopefully I will have a little more time to blog soon!


Frances said...

So fun! We need to do swim lessons too, maybe next summer.

Jenée said...

If you come into town again, this summer, we should plan a 'Pool Date'.We could probably even go on base. The boys have been taking swim lessons too... I wish I could have an excuse to go swimming every night, like them. :-P

kathy said...

I hope you had sunscreen on Paul! He's as white as I am! He looks so happy with his haircut!

gigi said...

Cute swimmers !
Carla, the Sweet and Salty Bars taste a lot like the payday candy bar. They are much better the next day too. They really need the refrigerator part. Not to sweet eaither because of the salty nuts. Microwaving the stuff is the best part.