Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ruthanne is 7!

And, it was THE. BEST. DAY. EVER!  Her words, not mine!  She had a little birthday part here at the house with the kids from her Sunday School class.  We did dinner, cake, presents, then some outdoor fun.  Outside there were sprinklers, swings, chalk, bubbles, water balloons (NOTE:  100 water balloons don’t last long!). 

Some fun present opening.  She was sooo excited about her presents and loved each and every one of them.


Getting ready to blow out the candles.  Oh, this isn’t a very good picture but the icing is pink with a white big 7.  I was SUPPOSED to make the cake pink also, but I forgot.  I felt sooo bad, but Ruthanne took it surprisingly well. 


Making a wish.


Outdoor fun.  See the swingset in the background, the kids LOVE it!  Thanks Mimi & Poppa for coming to help us put it together.IMG_1707

Well, I was trying to get a picture of this stinker eating cake off of the kitchen floor but he wanted the camera!  Suck that baby gut in!IMG_1708

Next year I guess John will have to have a party.  Thank goodness I have about 11 months to prepare!


Frances said...

Happy Birthday Ruthanne! We thought of her Tuesday, hope to see you soon!

Davis Family said...

Happy Birthday Ruthanne! Glad she had a great time!!