Sunday, August 16, 2009

Funny Commercial!

I haven't seen a mini-infomercial/commercial that made me giggle this much since the snuggie blanket. But today we saw the Wow Containers commercial. We must have rewound and watched it a few times. You have to at least watch the beginning where they are squashing the food. I mean, who is that stupid?


kathy said...

When did they come to my house and take a picture of my cabinet?

Melissa said...

Hey! In case you haven't seen FB, (Kara's) Kayleen had her baby last night/this AM. She had her VBAC, went totally natural and is doing well. Owen Tyler Ashment is 8lbs, 8oz, and (I think) 20 inches long. Much smaller than his big bro.
She's in the hospital for a few day because she tested positive for the strep whatever they do now but it's all good!