Friday, April 3, 2009

Going to Utah for a Quick Trip!

Anyone in Utah still read my blog? We are going to church headquarters there so that Luke and I can be set apart because he was accepted as a chaplain. We were barely able to squeeze it in before I was too pregnant (well, ok, maybe I'm too pregnant now, but I feel good about the trip). We leave on Thursday, April 9 and will come back on Saturday. Really the only time we will have to do something is late Friday afternoon/evening. Most of Friday will be spent at the church office building. So, if someone wants to hang out, give a shout out!

Oh, and say a little prayer that my parents will not let the kids drown down at the river! They agreed to watch the kids while we are gone, but the kids have to go where they are which is the river that weekend!


kathy said...

You better be praying that they don't let them get eaten by 'gators!

Aunt Kathy

gigi said...

Oh, you sound like Christon now. They are on a 4 day cruise and we are keeping the girls at St. Augustine beach and she doesn't want me to let them swim in the ocean because of sharks. Those girls don't even go in deeper than their knees.

Good luck in Utah. Sounds fun a little quick trip before the baby and basic training maybe just what yall need.

Melissa said...

Holy Cow! That's so exciting!
We missed y'all so much when Kim was here. When she comes back we'll have to do a big reunion.
As far as your parents watching the kids, think about us with Katelyn for TWO MONTHS! Somehow kids and grandparents will survive.