Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter Pictures

I finally downloaded my camera with pictures from Easter. My mom has more pictures on her camera (send me the good ones mom, well, really get dad to). We didn't take pictures Easter morning, I guess I forgot my parents had church at 9 and we wound up scrambling around that morning.

Ruthanne hunting Easter eggs. I don't know how she found any, this girl can't find something if it is touching her!
John finally got to hunt some eggs too.
Ruthanne and John with Aunt Kathy. She took time away from doing taxes to hang out with us!
Four generations of women. I can't believe I allowed a picture of me eight months pregnant, but there you go! Mamom was worried about her shoes, but I said don't worry no feet or ankles will be shown in this picture! My ankles were HUGE after our trip to Utah.
John enjoying looking at his basket goodies. And, if you ever want to make my kids happy, just give them $2 . I guess people generally give them checks and then I let the kids spend my money and I deposit theirs into our account, so to actually have some bills, although smaller than typical check amounts, was very fun. We still haven't spent them yet, just waiting for the Easter stuff to disappear first!


gigi said...

Carla, I'm sorry I was having such a bad 'back' day that I left right after church and didn't get to visit with you. Your kids are darling and I know yall have fun when you get to come to town.
You are going to miss those little trips when you are living in Timbuktu! 

Rosie and Derek said...

You look so cute pregnant! And you don't look 8 months pregnant at all. I get HUGE! Hope things are going well!!