Thursday, January 8, 2009

While I'm up...

And not exercising (because I can't breathe out of my nose at the moment!), I figured I would post some pictures (very old) from the computer. I promise (if we survive my ob/gyn appointment and Ruthanne's dentist appointment - that crazy tooth again!) that later today I will upload the software from the new camera and upload Christmas pictures from it later!

This is Halloween at the church's Trunk or Treat party. Minnie and Spiderman, what a combo!
Ruthanne changed her mind and became a princess on Halloween night though!
We turned John's bed into a toddler bed. He won't stay in it, especially when the kids go to bed together at night. Anyone have any suggestions for me? Right now, I've turned the bed toward the wall so he can't get out, but one day he will have to learn to stay in bed.
A trip to Brunswick, this is John at the playground on St. Simon's Island.
One afternoon at Mamom's (my grandmother's) house, she told me to go rest and her and the kids would swing. Well, this is what I walk out too. The kids spraying each other, Mamom, the plants with water! They had fun and it was a nice warm day even though it was November.
Ruthanne wanted to take pictures, here is her best one of the rest of us!
At the Air Force Museum, I think this is the Great Wall of China.
Ruthanne in some kind of fighter jet!
And the true joy of having a child that can read! I use it to my advantage sometimes!


gigi said...

Great pictures Carla, your children are growing up fast.

Frances said...

Good pictures, and so handy having that girl read! I would put it to use all the time!