Sunday, May 29, 2011

John's Birthday

John had a birthday yesterday (the big 5!). There were a couple things that stood out yesterday:

1 - He was surprised that his clothes still fit him since he turned 5!

2 - When he saw that he got two water guns in his present, he told Ruthanne that she could have one with no prompting from anyone or Ruthanne asking. Such a sweet boy!

Oh, his other present was a bicycle (no training wheels). I never got a picture but we've been out practicing and he's getting pretty good, I just barely hold on to the back of the seat. In a day or two, he'll have it for sure! Of course John has been telling me that he won't be able to ride until he's 8, sorry John you're almost there already (then we need to work on Ruthanne). But, seriously none of my kids (except Ruthanne cause I didn't know better) will have training wheels ever again! Balance bike to regular bicycle is the way to go!

On to the photos of some present opening and cake time! Gotta put together a little kid party for him sometime this week. I'm thinking we'll just do some water games in the backyard.


Stephany said...

I would agree with that, my kids have used those training wheels like crutches! Reagan is still using hers but she probably will for quite a while still with her lack of balance! Happy Birthday John!!!

kathy said...

I just hope there was real sugar in that cake!

Happy Birthday John--you are such a good boy!

Aunt Kathy

The Wilsons said...

No worries, lots of real sugar Aunt Kathy! We go all out for birthdays!

Frances said...

Sweet boy. Happy Birthday John!!

Rosie and Derek said...

Happy Birthday John! Your kids are getting so big!!
So you did a balance bike? I've been thinking that might be the way to go in a few years when Chase is ready for a bike.
We're headed to Florida July 26th by the way, in case you're anywhere near that week. :)