Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Feeling happy

for the moment at least. Why?

- The RSP is back!
- Luke doesn't have any trips planned (no constant packing/unpacking/washing/ironing like I've been doing back to back to back this past month)!
- My garden is growing!
- The weather is nice (for what a few weeks?)!
- The kids are having fun playing outside!
- Luke and I assembled a portable basketball goal by ourselves and still want to be married!
- We are taking the kids to the Atlanta temple open house next week!

Whew, you don't realize how easy life is normally until you go through an
extra crazy month! Maybe I'll share some pictures soon. I'll leave you with this one since this is what I should be getting ready to do.
On the way back from Mimi & Poppa's (a couple months ago?)

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