Sunday, August 29, 2010

I've won two things this week!

How amazing! One didn't really have much competition, and really I only won because the real winner never provided an email address. The other thing I really won, out of lots of people! It was from I won a pair of crocs! Woohoo! I've been drooling over the new styles for kids, so I'm excited!

In other news, our official first day of school for the 10-11 school year is tomorrow! I hope it goes well! We will be doing school Mon-Thurs with Friday as a catch up day (hopefully not needed). I plan to keep myself at home those mornings and run errands as needed after Paul's nap. I hope things go well and we have lots of fun and learn lots of stuff! I hope to update more about that later! Maybe a weekly, what we learned or what was fun?

And, I totally need to dump pictures off my camera, but I haven't yet. Maybe I will later tonight? Maybe? I hate getting this behind, it makes me not want to get caught up!

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Jenée's Blog said...

I know the feeling of this post!!
1. I LOVE CROCS!! (They are practically the only shoes I have worn for the past year.)
2. I understand your nervous/exciting feeling of starting Homeschool... BTW - We do just four days, too! It never fails that we need that fifth day to get things done in -or- out of the home.
3. I am doing the same thing with my blogging: catching-up. I plan to use the lonely time I'll have at night this week (while Scott's on a TDY).