Friday, November 7, 2008

Which would you get?

So, I've been wanting a coffee table/kids table/storage area for the living room. I originally fell in love with this one from Land of Nod (i.e. a little pricey, not terrible):

But, I saw that Target has something similar in their weekly ad this week for about $300 less (after shipping for the other one):The problem, the target one only comes in white, so I would want to do something to it, paint it? And, I know it is not a quality piece of furniture. I have a thing for nice wood furniture (thanks Mom and Dad). I think the Land of Nod one would stay in our living room forever. So, which would you get?

Oh, and how cool is it that you can just plug in any images location on the web and put it in your blog! I had no idea! No wonder Sister Griffis always uses lots of pictures, its easy!


gigi said...

Yes, I steal pictures from everywhere!

kathy said...

I would get the more expensive one if it's a better quality.

Aunt Kathy

Write2Change said...

With two young kids, how tough would it be to get time to paint the less expensive one? I'm all about saving money, but quality furniture will last for decades.